Premise: I have been listening to Jazz music for
a couple of years.
Until 2008 I have pretended to play jazz and
blues music, by casually improvising and
reproducing. Pietro Tonolo met me during a
course and he told me: “ Your idea of jazz is
completely wrong”. He was right.
In 2009 I attended summer seminars organised
by Siena Jazz, getting in touch with musicians
such as Massimo Manzi, Mauro Negri, John
Taylor. A traumatic experience from which
however I came out safe and sound.
Since 2010 I have had the chance to cooperate
with an Italian - Hungarian band “Relazioni Ektar”,
which, beside the eclectic guitarist Stefano
Ottogalli, also includes two very famous
Hungarian musicians of the likes of  Szabosh
Suke and Daniel Vaczi.
The improvisation path is now very visible also in
my Klezmer projects, that often include jazz
personalities such as Enzo Moretto, Giorgio
Panagin, Flavio Davanzo.
I am the “historical” clarinet player of Mocambo
Swing, with whom in 2010 I have recorded the
album “La Bela vič”.
I often have the pleasure to work with musicians
like David Boato, Marcello Benetti, Pietro Bottolo
Bon, Sandro Gibellini, Rosa Brunello, Alvise Seggi,
Alessandro Turchet, Flavio d'Avanzo, Andrea
Boschetti, Aldo Vio, Giovanni Natoli, Stefano
Gaion, Andrea Facchin, Walter Lucherini, tony
Green and others that I consider as personal
colossus of improvisation.
Along with the great violin player Mattia
Martorano I have created the “Gipsy Befana
Night”, a night devoted to dance and shows at
the rhythm of manouche: a success of which we
are proud.
Francesco Socal - © Copyright 2011