I am a musician from Venice, I have graduated
in clarinet and I am also very passionate about
bass clarinet. In my spare time I also enjoy
singing and even more devoting myself to the
study of improvisation in music.
Inevitably suffering the influence of the
saturation of languages - it being to some extent
the label of our era - I am committed to all the
music that lets me transfer something. I
therefore swing among classical music,
contemporary music and improvisation and I am
inevitably attracted by popular genres, mainly
that of klezmer, jazz and tango.
I love classical music when it's played by people,
for the people.
I am also frightened by the strong cultural crisis
that we sadly have to cope with, which I
personally reckon as being more relevant than
the crisis that has developed at the economic
Finally, I am proud to have devoted nearly one
and a half year of my life to the artistic direction
of the Associazione Culturale Flat (the Flat
cultural association) in Mestre (Venice), that
during this time has been constantly opposing to
the social and cultural low-down that is also
affecting my city.
Francesco Socal - Copyright 2011
Gioie Musicali 2014

Laboratorio di klezmer, tango e improvvisazione

13-18 luglio 2014