Francesco Socal & Rèjoussance Ensemble
I have been playing Jewish music since I was
sixteen years old, starting nearly by chance in
the streets of Venice. My love for this genre - so
wide and communicative - was born even before,
through the listening of the record “Chants
Yiddish” by Talila and the Kol Aviv ensemble and
thanks to the Moni Ovadia cabaret, that I could
admire since the start of his career.
I have enriched my experience by playing in
bands such as Mazltov, the duet with Giovanni
De Cecco, the Rumellai, the Cabarest, until the
recent creation of the trio/quartet/quintet
Klezmer under my name.
Besides the essential experiences in copious
weddings in the Ghetto in Venice I have
cooperated with shows dedicated to the
Remembrance Day (Holocaust day), often by
working with artists from the Jewish culture
among whom the cello player Claudio Ronco, the
drummer Lorenzo De Vettor, the cello player -
actor - singer Guido Rigatti.
In 2010 I have recorded and self-produced a
record of Klezmer music directed by the
Rčjouissance Ensemble, a brilliant group of very
young musicians. With the same ensemble and
my quartet, in strict cooperation with Giovanna
Cordova's Teatro dei Piccoli, we have put up a
show for the Day for the Jewish Culture 2010 in
the Venice Ghetto.
Together with Guido Regatti and the
Rčjouissance Ensemble, I have created the
show: “Errando si impara: viaggio nella musica
ebraica dalle origini ai giorni nostri” ( Learning
from mistakes: a journey into Jewish music since
its origins to these days), starting with a first
show at the Gualtieri theatre in July 2011 and
opening the 45th edition of the Asiago Festival
I am currently working on two Klezmer projects
for a duo, with accordion player Luca Piovesan
and cello player Martin Teshome from London.
Francesco Socal - © Copyright 2011